Ordering Process

Detail your request


 Send us a description of exactly what you'd like and how you'd like it. This includes coloring, sizes, how much lightning, material, etc. 

Be Specific


We can try to accomplish whatever you want, but we need to know what you want and how you want it. (See the starburst effect on guitar as an example)

We Want Your Vision

Use pictures, pictures, or even references from our store to help us understand what you want.

Use pictures, drawings, or even references from our store to help us understand what you want. On-site references may also help you gauge a price range before-hand.



Custom orders are always a little pricier due to the extra time and effort involved. 

Along with that, if extra materials or woodworking is needed it will probably increase the price of the product as well.

Again, our current products should help you pre-estimate your project price.



In addition to our unique signature fractals, our products take a lot of time to make. In general, expect your product to be done and ready to be shipped in 2 or more weeks.  (Custom orders are our top priority to finish, so we'll try our best) 

*We do not cover shipping costs

 After messaging us, we'll get back to you within 2 business days. 

Message Us For a Quote!


Use either the message block below to shoot us an email or if you'd like to jump ahead with image attachments, Email us both directly at and 

Please put custom order (with a few word description) in the subject field of the email.

We are excited to do business with you!

Custom Ordering

Try to be Specific & We'll Get Back to You Soon

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For custom orders, email us both directly at  

Lightning in the Woods

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